Over the last decade, smartphones have transformed the world. We have witnessed a technological revolution that has made life easier, cheaper and more convenient for people.

At Appmazing, we have been researching and working with the latest technologies to make them your best ally in performing magic tricks, taking magic to a new level.



App magic trick Appmazing Finder www.appmazingmagic.com

Appmazing Finder: One of the great classics of close-up magic, a kind of Koorwinder pram in a new and revamped smartphone version, more comfortable, easier and more versatile than ever.

App magic trick Appmazing Hacked www.appmazingmagic.com

Appmazing Hacked: Enter the spectator’s mind through their phone, using new methods that revolutionise modern mentalism.

App magic trick Appmazing infinity www.appmazingmagic.com

Appmazing Infinity: The Swiss Army Knife of mentalism.
A multifunctional tool to include in your routines, undoubtedly the most advanced magic calculator on the market.

App magic trick Appmazing Finder www.appmazingmagic.com

Appmazing x-vision: It detects in which hand the spectator is hiding an object, without doubt, a new, more comfortable version, without sleeves, without gimmicks and always with you.

App magic trick Appmazing Thump Controller ATC www.appmazingmagic.com

Appmazing Thumb Controller: A device designed to control your phone remotely, taking app magic to a new level.

App magic trick Appmazing magic shop www.appmazingmagic.com

Appmazing Packs: Do you want to buy several Appmazing Thumb Controllers? Contact us and get the best price.


“Thumb Controller is a device designed to control your phone remotely. It’s so small you can wear it hidden inside a fake thumb, making it the perfect invisible assistant for perfecting your app magic tricks.”


“Carlos Fortuna and Xavi Codina have been creating magic effects together for over 20 years. After countless nights of work and dedication, they decided to focus on designing some of the most advanced magic applications in the world”.

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