OPEN THAT HAND by Appmazing & Tango Magic

Tango Magic is one of the world’s leading coin manufacturers, renowned for its high quality and innovation. It has recently launched a new range of magnetic coins and poker chips, designed specifically for use with the Xvision app. This new line includes half dollar coins, euro coins and poker chips, expanding their options for magicians and magic enthusiasts.

Appmazing magic and Tango Magic have teamed up to create one of the best versions of the classic guess with hand trick, where you can enjoy a magnetic coin or poker chip, which has been designed to work with X-vision. Below you will find the instructions to activate your code, just follow these steps / Si bajas más abajo encontrarás las instrucciones en Español. 

1-Fill in the activation form with your data and your activation code. If you have already registered, use the same email address.

2-Download your APP here:  ANDROID / IPHONE 

3-Login with the username and password used in the activation form and you are ready to start using it.

4-Click here to see the video tutorial.

-IMPORTANT: If you have previously registered with a different account than the one used in the activation form, or you do not have any trial days left, you must log out and log in with the email and password used in the activation form.


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    What are the requirements for my phone to use X-vision?

    In order to use X-vision, your phone needs to have a magnetic sensor. Most Android phones have this, while all iPhone models have it built in. If your phone does not have a magnetic sensor, you will not be able to install the app and we will refund your money.

    How does X-vision work?

    X-Vision is used by placing the mobile device around your waist. When you get close to a magnetic object, the device will vibrate. X-Vision has a double-check system, which means that it will not only vibrate as you approach the object, but will also vibrate as you move away to confirm the presence of the object.

    What are the advantages of X-Vision compared to other similar magic products?

    No additional gimmicks required: X-Vision uses your phone’s magnetic sensor, which means you don’t need to buy other gadgets or expensive devices to use it.Easy to use:

    X-Vision is very easy to set up and use. Once you have installed the app on your phone, simply place it on your waistband and start searching for magnetic objects.

    Double-checking: X-Vision has a double-checking system that not only tells you when you are approaching a magnetic object, but also when you are moving away, increasing the accuracy and reliability of the results.

    Versatility: X-Vision is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of magic tricks and routines that require the detection of magnetic objects.

    Compatible with most phones: X-Vision is compatible with the vast majority of Android and iOS phones that have a magnetic sensor, meaning you don’t need to purchase a specific device to use it.

    What do the video tutorials include?

    The X-vision tutorial videos include various ideas and routines to get the most out of the device, such as:

    Tutorial on making magnetic objects.
    X-vision and kurostuke
    X-vision and guess which hand
    X-vision smash and stab
    X-vision + perfect prediction
    Details and other ideas

    These tutorials are a practical guide to help you get the most out of your X-vision and perform impressive magic tricks.


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